We’re Joining Together for a Better Weill Cornell

We are joining together as a union so we can bargain collectively with Weill Cornell Medicine. We are also joining thousands of other UAW researchers across the US to build our political voice to increase science funding and protect the rights of international scholars.

Without collective bargaining, we have experienced stagnant wages in relation to cost of housing and living, as well as visa and job insecurity, and a lack of transparency in administrative policies. With collective bargaining, we can negotiate a binding agreement so that Weill Cornell cannot change the terms of our employment without our consent. When we are able to communicate and negotiate as equals with WCM, and as a result live more securely, we will be able to focus more on quality research.

As employees from across Weill Cornell, we have formed a union in order to improve our working conditions and to make the institution a better and more accessible place for research and scholarship. Like tens of thousands of researchers who already have unions at research institutions across the US, we deserve the voice and respect we gain through collective bargaining.

Use the form to sign a union authorization card and be counted in the majority!

Without a union:

  • Weill Cornell unilaterally determines our working conditions and can change them at any time without our consent.

With a union:

  • We elect a bargaining committee that gathers input from research workers across campus to develop our priorities.
  • Our bargaining committee negotiates on equal footing toward a fair agreement with Weill Cornell.
  • We decide democratically, through a vote, whether to approve any agreement as our contract.
  • That contract secures our terms and conditions of employment and is binding and enforceable, usually through appeal to a neutral arbitrator.