Let us know if you can make it to our first Union Town Hall!

Thank you for signing up for our union and supporting our postdoc community in efforts to collectively negotiate for better living and working conditions. We are excited to announce that a majority of postdocs have signed authorization cards in support of forming our union, WCM Postdocs United-UAW!

Reaching majority support is an important milestone. Once a strong majority of postdocs have signed authorization cards, WCM may choose to voluntarily recognize our union or we can file for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). In an election, a majority of those voting must vote in favor of forming a union in order for us to start bargaining collectively with the WCM administration. We will not pay union dues until we have successfully formed our union and voted to approve a first contract.

To meet up and discuss the tremendous progress we’ve made over many months leading up to the first week of our card drive, we will be hosting a Union Town Hall at 6 PM on Friday, August 4th, in the common room of 465 Main St. (Roosevelt Island). Come and meet other postdocs, hear from unionized researchers at other institutions, share your thoughts on our next steps, and get answers to questions about the unionization process. Click here to RSVP.

We are excited to be joining tens of thousands of researchers and other higher education employees who have won improvements in their workplaces or are currently organizing their own unions as part of the United Auto Workers (UAW), including postdoctoral researchers at Columbia University, Mount Sinai, Princeton University, Harvard University, University of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts, University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and University of Washington.

After the town hall, we welcome everyone to join us on the rooftop for a social (please BYOB).

Look forward to seeing you, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts,

Irem Atasoy, Anesthesiology
Krithika Karthigeyan, Pediatrics
Shubha Bevkal, Medicine
Jonathan Ma, Biochemistry
Victor Ruthig, Urology
Juan Rodriguez Alcazar, Pediatrics
Sahar Jalal, Radiology

Members of the WCM Postdocs United-UAW Organizing Committee